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Currently a Ph.D. student at York University, working with Dr. Adam Muzzin. My main research focuses on clumpy star-forming galaxies. In order to study their evolution in a resolved manner, I work with image deconvolution (i.e., finite resolution deconvolution) and apply it on ground-based observations of COSMOS. I'm also an experienced observer at the Gemini-North Observatory, where I've recieved telescope time for near-infrared spectroscopic observation with the GNIRS instrument.

Ongoing Research

Resolving Clumpy SFGs in Ground-Based Images with Image Deconvolution

Examples of deconvolved galaxies in multiple filters. Each row shows different galaxies, while each panel shows the comparison in the rest-frame UV and optical, as well as the composite images. Within each panel, the ground-based, deconvolved and space-based images are shown, respectively. The last row shows the composite images. The figures clearly illustrate that deconvolution not only offers a gain in spatial resolution, but can also robustly reconstruct structures that are barely discernable in the ground-based images.

Curriculum Vitae

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2018 - 2020 M.Sc. in Astrophysics. York University, Toronto, CA
2013 - 2017 Honours B.Sc. in Math and Astronomy. University of Toronto, Toronto, CA
Graduated with Distinction

Honors & Awards

2018 - Present York Graduate Fellowship, York University
2020-08 Vernon Oliver Stong Scholarship in Science, York University
2019-05 Graduate of the Maunakea iRex School for Astronomy, Waimea/Hilo, US
2015-05 Dean's List, University of Toronto

Observing Experience

2019 - Present On the Fundamental Metallicity Relation of Clumpy Star-Forming Galaxy
PI with 50+ hours using GNIRS @ Gemini-North


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